Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation supports Alpha Future Fund

Zurich-based Alpha Associates has launched the Alpha Future Fund with the support of the Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation, which also laid extensive groundwork for the project. Operating with a focus on venture capital (VC), the fund’s purpose is to help institutional investors in particular not only tap into the growth potential inherent in pioneering technologies within Switzerland and Europe as a whole, but also create jobs with a view to the future.

Feeding long-term savings back into value creation cycles requires investment vehicles that ensure risk is distributed appropriately, offer attractive conditions and demonstrate proven VC expertise. The Alpha Future Fund satisfies all of these criteria, and this is why the Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation chose to lend its support. The Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation does not intend to participate in the fund’s activities itself, but remains committed to improving the conditions in which VC financing and scaleup companies in Switzerland are able to work.