Purpose of the Foundation

The Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation supports measures to create opportunities to invest Swiss savings from collective savings pools in the real employment-generating Swiss economy at the forefront of technical progress.

The main aims of the foundation are as follows:

  • To accelerate the founding of a Swiss future fund within the sense of the Graber motion;

  • To improve the fiscal and accounting framework conditions to encourage pension funds and collective pension schemes to invest in the real value-creating, employment-generating economy at the forefront of technical development;

  • To initiate and support measures to fund training for risk capital intermediaries and to make Switzerland more attractive for these intermediaries;

  • To evaluate and if necessary implement other political and economic measures which make it possible to return a proportion of long-term savings as value-creating, employment-generating investments in Switzerland;

  • To reinforce Switzerland’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.