Founders in conversation

“It would be quite helpful for entrepreneurs in Switzerland if there was a way to speed up the funding process”

Interview with Ralph Schonenbach, Co-Founder of Envoy. What is the idea behind Envoy? The idea behind Envoy is to enable everyone to efficiently and effectively use their professional and social networks as an asset to develop sales opportunities and find funding and talents for their ventures. How was the funding process in Switzerland? For our […]

„We would like to see in Switzerland more seasoned investors to think big and take risks for international business“

Interview with Manuel Hug, Co-Founder and CEO of Soflow. What is the idea behind Soflow? The idea behind Soflow is to change the commuting style of the people in the city. It will make your day more flexible and save you time, facing the problems of urban transportation. Why did you decided against classic VC […]

“Es geht darum, das Zusammenspiel von Wirtschaft und Forschung voranzutreiben”

Interview mit Dr. Christina Würthner, Chief Financial & Strategy Officer von enersis suisse ag.

“Ein wenig mehr Subvention ins Gründertum ist nachhaltiger eingesetzt, als in Wein”

Interview mit Andreas Guggenbühl, Co-Founder und CEO von Selfnation (RealLook AG).

“Wir brauchen mehr Zugang zu Kapital in der Schweiz”

Interview mit Lea von Bidder, President Ava Science and VP Marketing.