Dr. Ron Appel, CEO, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva

Sandor Frei, Ernst & Young AG, Executive Director, Structuring Strategist, Swiss future fund

Sacha Haymoz, Blue Ocean Ventures (Venture Capital Company), Geneva

Thomas Heimann, SVCA Lektor FHS Lucerne

Dr. Markus Hosang, General Partner, BioMedPartners AG, Basel, (Venture Capital Management Company)

Dr. Adrian Krahn, Acsana AG

Dr. Werner Nussbaum, President, IZS (Innovation Second Pillar, Switzerland)

Luc Otten, MD, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, PHI Pharma

Jürg Zürcher, Ernst & Young AG, Partner, Challenges facing the Venture Capital and Biotech Sectors

Dr. Simon Zaby, Author of the booklet “Venture Capital – Prequisite for technical progress and foundation for Swiss economic growth”