Foundation Board

Chairman of the Foundation Board

Domenico Scala (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Basilea Pharmaceutica, President Basel Area Business & Innovation)


Fathi Derder (Co-President Suisse Romande, former member of the National Council)

Max Gurtner (Former Head of Communications GDI, Roche, Zürich-Gruppe and SRG)

Daniel Wiener (Founder ecos and Global Infrastructure Basel)

Members of the Foundation Board

Prof. Peter Gomez (Former Rector, HSG)

Martin Haefner (Chairman of the Board of Directors, AMAG)

Dr. Henri B. Meier (Entrepreneur)

Karl Reichmuth (Honorary President, Reichmuth Bank)

Alfred Roelli (Banque Pictet & Cie SA)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Schenker-Wicki (Rector, Universität Basel)

Prof. Marcel Tanner (Director Emeritus, Tropeninstitut Basel)

Dr. Ueli Vischer (Partner, Vischer Anwälte)