Outstanding appeal for institutional investors

The Alpha Future Fund is a broadly diversified venture capital fund (aimed at Europe, and at Switzerland in particular) that provides access to Europe’s best managers. Its primary objective over the long term is to achieve an attractive rate of return (around 15% p.a.) while maintaining a low level of risk through appropriate distribution. The fund also features a cost structure that makes it highly appealing to investors. It offers institutional investors the opportunity to secure jobs in Switzerland and Europe as a whole with a view to the future, and achieve a better-than-average rate of return for beneficiaries.


The Alpha Future Fund has managed to launch in spite of the highly challenging market environment. Its investments are focused on a selection of primarily European risk capital funds and VC-supported companies in sectors with high growth potential.

Opportunities to become involved in VC teams and co-investments in Swiss start-ups are assessed with a benevolent eye, but are still subject to the same strict due diligence criteria that Alpha Associates has been adhering to since 2004. The company upholds the principle of putting investors first and aims to achieve high rates of return for the growing numbers it has on its books.

It focuses on IT and robotics, biotechnology and life sciences, medical technology, clean technology, new materials, and disruptive business models.